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Welcome to - the official homepage of Triangulum Productions


The all new is now live and direct to you from Triangulum Productions! The site is still under construction and new music and art will be added all the time from now on. has a lot of features including streaming Real Audio tracks and mixes from Triangulum Productions that are completely free to listen to 24 hrs a day. You can even download full mp3 files of many songs for free! An thats just the Audio Page.

We included an advanced Message Board for all the Homies (& all the haters to) where you can drop in and let your opinion be known. If you have a new album or a party cracken feel free to post it on our board.

We Build Foundations - The new full length album from Triangulum. AVAILABLE NOW!

There are a total of 17 tracks (55m5s) featuring an arsonal of unsigned hype. Produced entirely by Triangulum, this album proves to be a huge step forward from earlier projects. "Triangulum has style all his own and this s#!t needs to be heard!"

You can listen to several tracks from this new album on our Audio Page and even download some for free!